Kumkani with Friends: ARRIVE – DISCOVER – EXPLORE

When Allison approached us to assist in capturing the brand of Kumkani, we were delighted!

Allison is a young up and coming wine maker who mainly operates from the Boland district but whom also finds herself in all the areas of Cape Town and sometime answers in Johannesburg as well.

A few Saturdays ago she invited a few close friends for a wine tasting and more information regarding the brand.

“The idea of this being, that friends arrived on Saturday to discover what Kumkani has to offer, and together we will explore what goes into the creation of the wines,” says Allison.

I love seeing people in action who has a passion for what they do and this is definitely NOT lacking in this young woman.  After a meet and greet, she took the party into the cellars and explained, in detail, the process of turning out that perfect creation.

For more information on the next upcoming tours, please feel free to contact Allison on allisona@kumkani.com

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