The Rhythmic Beat

The steady breathing of his mom sleeping and the voice of his father coming from the other side, makes him peaceful and at ease.  His not kicking anymore and is listening to his father’s voice as dad sings songs of worship unto God.  Whenever dad changes to the next song he kicks impatiently, demanding his dad’s soothing voice in his ear.  There’s an easy cadence between the inhale and exhale by mom and the tempo of dad’s song…it is a rhythmic beat.  It is the beat signifying that time is drawing closer, it is the beat of comfort, it is the beat of the assurance that tomorrow will bring joy.

This is the beat that our unborn baby boy is listening to…as if he understands.  He is communicating without words, without signs, without us seeing him.  And yet he has so much to say.  When mom is relaxing, he is restless but when she is active, he leaves her alone, for now he is at peace with the world.  Ethan has developed the one thing that gets lost so quickly amongst mankind…communication.  No one has taught him this.  This is the very essence by which God created us.  She reads to him and he doesn’t get excited but is still and listens intently.  He wants to hear our voices, just like in the same way we need to listen and hear our Abba Father’s voice.

The rhythmic beat that defines us, that brings us closer to our destiny.

18 WEEKS_0003

Ethan at 18 weeks. We’re counting the days

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