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Ethan Chronicles Part 2

click here for Part 1 We cannot let up at any time.  We’ve got to be strong… strong for Ethan. Meanwhile he is having a ball in his mommy’s tummy, kicking up a storm and none the wiser of all the action that was going on in the outside world.  Candice’s levels were once again […]

The Ethan Chronicles

What a roller coaster ride! It all started about two weeks ago. We had friends over on New Year’s day and when they left little Kirsty asked when Ethan was going to kick because she would like to feel him.  Candice then said that he was sleeping and that he would wake up a bit later […]

Revouna and Grant: Stellenbosch

Today we have a very beautiful couple in front of the camera.  They met in a very uncanny manner… on street.  Grant simply came up to Revouna while walking and started chatting to her.  Chemistry happened and the rest is history.  They are married for a few years now and are very much in love! […]