For the past couple of months our blog has been very quiet, but deliberately so :) We have been working on something really exciting and have been burning to share this with you and now we eventually can.


To us this is such a big accomplishment as we have been waiting such a long time for it, our baby (EHP) is growing up :)

So here it is at last!! This has been a collaboration between EHP and plusplusminus since last year and now we’re finally rolling out

The name remains the same but we’ve simplified the web address, namely and if you don’t like this we can always try

The old blog site will still be in existence and a selected few recent posts have been carried over.

What’s new:

So what do we have that’s new?  The website’s look is slightly different and feels a bit cleaner.  Our email details have also changed accordingly to

We have 3 main pages, “Events”, “Portraits” and “Weddings”.  By clicking on these pages you will find the portfolio images of each category and you can do an inquiry here as well.

There is now a booking form for your convenience resulting in less correspondence back and forth, which means we get to service the needs of you, the client, quicker.  We have also added a gallery where you can select the pictures that you want to order.

So have a look around and let us know what you think.

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