My “item”

She’s been my best friend for 10 years!  She knows my good side and also my bad.  When I asked her to kiss me for the first time she got all shy and blushed but I knew then and there that there will still be lots of kissing in future.  She’s been my closest confidant and wife for 8 years and a mother to Ethan and for almost 2 years and also to Caeli coming soon!

Candice popped in to my office the other day and as we chatted my colleague noticed how we are with one another.  Later he said that one can see that “you guys are an item”.  I laughed because I haven’t heard that phrase used on me in a while.  But when I thought of it I realised that what we have one sometimes takes for granted.  You take for granted that your “person” is always there for you, you take for granted that their love is pure and protects you, you take for granted that they meet you at the point of your deepest despair and lifts you to the highest heights.

So to my friend, my love, my item, my Candice, thank you for all your support, all your friendship and all your love!


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