Faro Family

The Faro’s have been friends of ours for quite a few years now.  They’ve been with us through the highs and the lows of life and we ate a few bags of salt together :)

They are the type of friends who are there when you need them and still there when you don’t need them! :)

We met them when they only had Noah but today our Ethan refers to their kids as “Noah-Kirsty”, so he gets confused when he only sees the one and not the other.

Our shoot today represents the uniqueness and the joy of family life.  Fidel and Chrystal’s love for each other is felt in how the kids express themselves.

We had super fun on this shoot (as always), so have a look at some photo’s taken on the day.



farofam-1 farofam-2 farofam-3 farofam-4 farofam-5 farofam-6 farofam-7 farofam-8 farofam-9 farofam-10 farofam-11 farofam-12 farofam-13 farofam-14 farofam-15 farofam-16 farofam-17 farofam-18 farofam-19 farofam-20 farofam-21 farofam-22 farofam-23 farofam-24 farofam-25 farofam-26 farofam-27 farofam-28 farofam-29 farofam-30 farofam-31

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