Theatre: Secrets of a Conqueror

Torah Productions: Secrets of a Conqueror

What can I say, I’m super proud of my sis-in-law, Alecia Daniels.  Together with Tanya Brown (on stage) and Candice Stalmeester (behind the scenes), she has successfully put a theatre production together named Secrets of a Conqueror.  Opening night was last night, 27 August 2015 and it concludes tonight 28 August 2015 at the newly revamped Collective Arts Theatre in Bellville.  The show pulls on every emotional string that you have and those you thought you’ve lost.  Truly entertaining and Alecia seriously outdoes herself this time around. The show is not just entertaining, but you are left with a strong life lesson.

More about the play:

The play Secrets of a Conqueror is big and bold and has a larger than life approach. It is a play that deals with a story of a former prostitute.  The all so spectacular ‘Shevarn” (Alecia Daniels) relives an interview with a student reporter that changed her life.  Shevarn is a strong woman that does not allow anything to get the better of her.  She is funny and dramatic and for the most part she believes life revolves around her. She struggled through telling the audience about some of the most significant moments in her career as a prostitute, the moments that made her the woman she is today. Her manager Mavrick ( Tanya Brown) plays a great role in her life, she is not only her manager but to some respect her friend, mother, boss and the only one that knows the real Shevarn.
The play takes an unexpected turn when a big secret of Shevarn’s past is revealed.  The unexpected surprise that Shevarn of course tries to ignore stares her slap bang in the face and tension heats as she is forced to deal with it.
The play is filled with song and dance, comedy, drama and even tragedy.  The play is not conformed to a specific style but rather a creative expression of one woman telling her real story.
In conclusion, no matter what card life deals you, it is the manner how you play that card that will make you a conqueror at the end of the day.

When and where can you see the show:

Venue: Collective Arts Theatre Bellville

Date: 28 August 2015, 19:15

For bookings please contact Candice on 072 339 8899 or

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