Archive | September, 2015

Candice + Oscar

She looks at him with a look knowing that the world could disappear but as long as his strong arms are wrapped around her, she’s at peace and safe.  That’s the kind of love and affection that I’ve come to know in the short while that I’ve known Candice and Oscar. They said yes forever […]

Maylynn + Alan

The wedding of this stunning couple took place in Atlantis and they decided on intimate photo’s on the beach at Melkbos. It’s been a while since I’ve done some beach couple photo’s and what an awesome time we had! Maylynn and Alan, I wish you a lifetime of joy and happiness together as your lives […]

Mom + Dad = 42

As I typed this number I literally took out the calculator to make sure it was right! 2015 minus 1973, yes it is 42 years! Wow, what an accomplishment!  They have tried all the marriage recipes and wrote a few themselves and made it work; and have quite a few stories to tell about their […]