Mom + Dad = 42

As I typed this number I literally took out the calculator to make sure it was right! 2015 minus 1973, yes it is 42 years! Wow, what an accomplishment!  They have tried all the marriage recipes and wrote a few themselves and made it work; and have quite a few stories to tell about their journey.  I’ll share with you what I think is about 1 second of their rich and full lives.

Mom and Dad met in an era when mini skirts were a trending fashion and 3D movies were unheard of.  You were dressed up most of the time and dad courted mom with suit and tie!  After dad’s second week of courting (they didn’t speak of dating back then), he told Aunty Girl (my gran) that he is not just warming her couches but is here to court her daughter with marriage in mind!  My mom was 21/22 at the time and dad 10 years her senior.  Gran told him, “You need to have hair on your teeth for this lady.” He nodded but under his breath he told mom, “I don’t even have hair on my chest!”  They got engaged soon thereafter and married a year later :)

The rest of their lives started on 22 September 1973.  Dad remembers that he was still running a bit late on their wedding day (very strange for him) and the bride had to circle the church a few times.  Mom wore a beautiful dress with a train and dad a black suit with gloves!  They started their lives in Ravensmead for a short while before dad went to study theology in Pietermaritzburg.  When he graduated they moved to Atlantis to church plant in the community.  A community that they love with all their heart and soul and have sown and still sow into people’s lives with all that they have.  Their motto is that when they see people’s lives changed for God, then it’s like they have been given gold and riches.  They truly lay down their lives for others.

Mom and Dad, may God truly bless you and add into your lives even more than what you can visualise.  May you always touch and enrich lives for the better.

With much love from your children and grandchildren: Eugene, Candice, Ethan & Caeli; Garth, Jaclyn, Seth & Aaron.

Here they are spending time with their favourite 4 people :)


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  1. Gladowine September 22, 2015 at 9:13 pm #

    Best true love story ever:)truely an inspiration for me that have no role models in my life…Atlantis community are so proud to have the Stallies in our midst. May God bless you always!

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