Andrea + Nathan: Married

Andrea and Nathan said their “I do’s” at the beautiful Lagoon Beach Hotel in Cape Town.

Their love story is captured in the photo’s that follow.

Thank you for sharing your day with me and may your lives always be filled with joy!


andrea-1 andrea-2 andrea-3 andrea-4 andrea-5 andrea-6 andrea-7 andrea-8 andrea-9 andrea-10 andrea-11 andrea-12 andrea-13 andrea-14 andrea-15 andrea-16 andrea-17 andrea-18 andrea-19 andrea-20 andrea-21 andrea-22 andrea-23 andrea-24 andrea-25 andrea-26 andrea-27 andrea-28 andrea-29 andrea-30 andrea-31 andrea-32 andrea-33 andrea-34 andrea-35 andrea-36 andrea-37 andrea-38 andrea-39 andrea-40 andrea-41 andrea-42 andrea-43 andrea-44 andrea-45 andrea-46 andrea-47 andrea-48 andrea-49 andrea-50 andrea-51 andrea-52 andrea-53 andrea-54 andrea-55 andrea-56 andrea-57 andrea-58

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