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Mom + Dad = 42

As I typed this number I literally took out the calculator to make sure it was right! 2015 minus 1973, yes it is 42 years! Wow, what an accomplishment!  They have tried all the marriage recipes and wrote a few themselves and made it work; and have quite a few stories to tell about their […]

Theatre: Secrets of a Conqueror

Torah Productions: Secrets of a Conqueror What can I say, I’m super proud of my sis-in-law, Alecia Daniels.  Together with Tanya Brown (on stage) and Candice Stalmeester (behind the scenes), she has successfully put a theatre production together named Secrets of a Conqueror.  Opening night was last night, 27 August 2015 and it concludes tonight […]

The lady with the red coffee mug

She’s chique, she’s young and she’s fresh, ready to bring a new flavour to the party planning business!  My wife, Candice, has recently started her own events planning business, very aptly called Perfectly Planned.  She has such a passion for arranging events that she thought why not do it on a more significant scale.  Things that you […]

My “item”

She’s been my best friend for 10 years!  She knows my good side and also my bad.  When I asked her to kiss me for the first time she got all shy and blushed but I knew then and there that there will still be lots of kissing in future.  She’s been my closest confidant […]

Just Ethan

Wow! Can’t believe the little man is 4 months old already! Besides spending time with the little man, I love taking pictures of him.  I asked him at 2am one morning if he rather wants his own blog site to keep his “portfolio” seperate.  He just looked at me…I don’t really know what to make of […]