The Team

Eugene Stalmeester

Because I’m a lefty, I have always considered myself a bit of an artist even though I can’t sketch even if my life depended on it.  Well, I have played the piano when I was still on school and if my wife had it her why, I would be playing in the London Opera House.  By the way, I WILL look good in a black tux in front of a piano!

I am married to the lovely Candice who keeps me sane and who reminds me what life is all about.  God has recently blessed us with our own Ethan and he is such a joy!

God has been my source of strength in everything I do and without Him I cannot even begin to create.

To me, life is not only black and white.  I see the glass half full all the time.  You’ve got to be optimistic in this crazy, crazy world!  With so much pain out there, the good has got to out-number the bad.

So as a photographer, I love meeting people and interacting with them.  I love taking my clients on a journey of discovering who they are…and with patience, that desired moment is captured.

So what would I change about myself? I’d love to have straight hair that blows in the wind!


Candice Stalmeester

I am Candice Stalmeester, the geek and administrative mind in the business, dealing with all behind-the-scenes and logistical functions. I love the finer detail and thrive on filling our clients with the necessary (and sometimes unnecessary :) information needed to set them at ease, whether it be a small portait shoot or a full-blown wedding. Living to source, research, planning and co-ordinating anything and everything. I love chatting to you guys, so call me for any information needed to make your shoot a success